Stage 1 – Learner Licence

The first stage to achieving your New Zealand class 1 driving licence -car is passing the NZ driver licence theory.  This is where we can help you pass the test through our specialised program we offer.  We will also help to ensure you have the correct identification, licence fee and help you fill the applicable DL forms.  We can also arrange for a reader/translator if you have reading or language barriers check our FAQs.

To apply for a learner licence you have to be at least 16 years old.

What are the conditions of a learner licence?

  • You must have your learner licence with you whenever you are driving.
  • You must not drive on your own. You must always be accompanied by a supervisor, who must always sit in the front passenger seat beside you.
  • If you are learning to ride a moped, you must not ride it between 10pm and 5am and you must not carry passengers.
  • You must display L (learner) plates on the vehicle at all times when you are driving. Failure to display L plates could result in 25 demerit points and a fine of $100.
  • There’s no law stopping you from carrying passengers in your car. However, if you do, your supervisor (who will, of course, be seated next to you in the vehicle) must agree to this. The supervisor is responsible for everyone in the vehicle and for what happens when you’re driving.

If you do not progress during the five year period, you will need to pass a theory test once your licence has expired before your learner licence can be issued for a further five years.

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